21 September 2011

Empty spaces between my fingers


I’m not good enough for anyone. I admit that, perhaps I’m not good enough for friends too. But I think, this is the most selfish thing I ever had. I find myself thinking I’m abandoned. Well, I know who I am. Thinking back of the last time we’re together, I’m speechless. Almost waste this tears in front of you guys. I don't know who to tell with. For everything that I have made before, as a friend it proved to be futile. Well, not much. Just a lil thing that made me regret and… of course sad too. I found myself stupid sometimes. Why? Cause I think, I’m tooo kind for that. I mean, in some ways I found out that I’m too kind that nobody not gonna pay that kindness of me back. Don’t get me wrong! My purpose to tell here is, I have a heart too. I feel as if, I rather stay in shadow and pain and I don’t know now what friend to friend means

My mind wanders
Sorry so much

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