07 January 2011

Year 2011

Hooo my dad woke me up at 5.30am. Very early weh. I usually wake up around 5.45 and go at 6.15am and the bus picks me at 6.20am. And sometimes it sharp at 6.15. It sucks coz sometimes I almost missed the bus. Shizz :/ So at the right time, I took my own sweet time to wake up at 5.45am. Haha my dad woke me up so early so I decided to continue to sleep back. Add 15mins on my time. Jaaadi la~

First day of school wasn’t bad or even good. Hm I’m not really enjoy the day. No school spirit. LIKE SERIOUSLY ! Urgh It destroy my day very badly. Plus I don’t wear any new things. I wore the old school uniform, bag and so on. I only bought a new shoes coz my last year shoes got tattered and torn. Only that J I arrived to school around 6.50am and school doesn’t start till 7.20am. Argh that sucks weh. 30minutes to go. Got nothing to do plus my eyes were swollen. Mengantuk gila lah ! Then, I asked 1 of my friend to went to the cottage. Just want to check and make sure my name isit true that I’m in the 4F. Alright and theerreee again, too many people were busy to checked their class. Some of them were really stupid weh. Dah check sekali tu dah la bodoh. Selak2 lagi kenapa. Oh okayyy and therrrreee thereeee again, 4F, the list of names were missing ! Argghhhhh :/

The prefect called all the pupils to gathered at the hall. I don’t know which one is the 4F’s line. I q in the 4D kot. Ehehhehee :P whatever ! After I’m being in class, the situation is so different. I really miss 2G and 3C ;( Everything is boring. VERY ! Afterwards, the teacher came into the class and said that 4F is Sastera and Geo class. WTF?! SASTERA?!! GEOGRAFI?!! KILLER !! I’m more confusing okay. As I know, 4F is ICT and PD class. And at that time, I just knew that it was sastera and geo. I met the teacher on the next day. Asked her to change my class. I decided to shift to 4E. She said, she wanted me to make a letter. Alright I’ll do whatever u want me to do :P On Wednesday, I gave the letter to her. And the result was on the next day. Saya Berjaya ! I’m in the 4E now =)

So the conclusion is, nothing exciting on the first day ! hahahahahahhaha =.=’

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