19 January 2011

What the?!

‎' In the next few days you'll be upgraded to the new profile'

Mine was change lastnight. Actually, i've seen this statement 2days ago but never knew that's really true Facebook gonna change to the New Profile like this. F!^&K ! I totally don't like this. Hello Mark, can you pls bring back the old one? Nobody likes the changes. Just stop doing this. You're like forcing us to have this. LOL :O

Bunch of crap ! I like the old one. It's easy to use unlike the New Profile. More confusing ! I think you're about to embark on your own destruction the same exact way like Myspace did. Pls listen to the people who are asking for other things instead of making something we dont want. Believe me ! Sooner or later Facebook gonna be dead just like Myspace now

Mana DISLIKE button? Nak tekan sekarang jugak !

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