17 January 2011

Childhood I

Whenever I look back on my childhood, the more I realize how beautiful those moment is. I do miss my childhood memories. Is there any way which I could go back to that time? It was stress-free and just simple and fun, right? It’s funny when I was a child, I’d really wish to grow up faster to have responsibilities and freedom. But right now, I’d really wish not to grow faster. Funny funny and so funny. I know that everybody have their wished to go back to being a child. Just as for me, when I was in standard six, I wished I was 18years old. Lol okay now, I’m increasingly stepping into that age and I don’t want to. The more you grow up to a certain point, you’ll realize that many responsibilities that you have to take and duties also gonna trace you so hard. The mind gonna flashes to the childhood memories. Come back to remind you about how wonderful the carefree life is. Just when you were still a child. Mommy Daddy is the guardian. They did everything for you. Changing your diapers, Changing your clothes, Cooking your food. Yeah it was just like everything !

Life is about games, fun, playing. The only things I just know to do. Nothing seemed to bother me. Everything around wasn’t a big deal. I would just have fun with life and friends and nothing to worry about. Now that I’ve grown. My life isn’t for games, fun and playing anymore. It isn’t simple as I’m having when I was a child. Many issues and problems pop up uninvited. I didn’t expect it to come but what you can do when it comes and it’s always looking for your mind/thoughts/brain to be solve?! There's so much more out there which has not yet come. It’s time for me to be more serious and mature even just a little I can be.

I know looking back on the childhood memories/experience, sometimes it make me wish to go back again. But I know that, i only get to be kid once. The ages of childhood are gone now. I have to move on and whatever comes i have to follow along. New adventured await me out there. I should learn the experience from now. It’s gonna be great.

Try to make the next chapter in your life just as enjoyable and memorable as your last

No worries lah, coz Allah is always with you wherever you are, whatever you through :')

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