18 January 2011

Childhood II

The best time we spent in our life. Those were the days which I enjoyed a lot. I had loads of good memories about it. Memories that provide me with laugh, tears and learning ofcos. Lemme tell you about what I miss about my childhood

1. I miss watching those really cool cartoons they had on tv. I usually watched with my friends, cousins and sisters. Power rangers, Pokemon, Digimon, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse etc. Lol ( okay for once, this kinda cartoon were very the best. For me, it’s way better than Naruto and the others they have on tv today ) Then I talk about it with my friends. About the series and everything
2. I’d really miss all of my old friend who are always cheering me up when I was a child. I miss going down the hills with our bikes. I miss going to fun-fair with them. I miss to hanging up and going to supermarket just to buy loads of sweets and then we shared together. I miss to play ‘ kahwin-kahwin’ and ‘masak-masak’ under the rambutan-tree. Hahahahaha XD
3. I miss going to swimming with my cousins. Usually go at 9.30pm ! I had so much fun. We swam happily and returned home with the wet clothes. Trust me, when we were a child, there would be no shame in-self. Haha everything we know is just FUN :)
4. I miss going to primary school and having the schools project with friends. ( Actually, we just hang around and messing about instead of doing the work. LOL XD )
5. I miss when I was playing on the playground. Running miles and miles, climbing like a monkey :)
6. I miss the raya’s season. Miss to get loads of money again :P I miss my late grandma’s cooking, I miss my late grandpa, I miss my late Mak Long. Hm :’( My raya isn’t so fun anymore since 2006 just because the 3 of my beloved/important people in my life have passed away. Al-fatihah

And so many other things.
There are so many great childhood memories that I still keep reminiscing up to now. I was sixteen years old in this year. I was always busy with my daily life and study. Hardly got time to enjoy life like before. But I know, missing it perhaps is just a part of growing up and most likely we all are missing it at some point in time. Yes always remind, growing up is a experience that you have to take. It isn’t so bad. Always and always keep the positive attitude. The future will be just as blessed as those which passed. InshaAllah :’)

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