14 May 2011


‘ Eh boleh ke panggil stalker? Blog ni kan public. Semua orang boleh baca lah! ‘

I’m not going and I’m not going to close this blog. This is a journal, a diary of how I've changed since the first posts. Maybe, okay just maybe they’re a few people who came to this blog and read mine. I’ve been away for such a long time. I hardly think anyone is left reading my blog actually. But who knows right? If not, macam mana Ain boleh bahan aku by my post? LOL Hahahaha :D

Dear my lovely friends and readers, lemme tell you about a few things in this blog. My words are all mine. I’m typing everything by myself. But just a little things, I copied from others. Not much okay. English, I’m gonna improving my English with this writing. And only blog could help me. Cakap kat luar kang orang kata poyo, Cakap kat mak nanti mak kata GO! Hahahahah LOL! It saddens me a little okay just a little when people told me about this blog. I take it as a joke. Biasalah :)

Back to the title, wanna know why? Here’s the story


Ain : Kat blog English je

Me : Mana ada!

Ain : Eleh aku dah baca lah!

Ayu : Ha’ah aku pun penah baca lah

Me : Eish korang silap nih. Bila lak aku cakap English

Noni : Dah lah niny ngaku jelah

Me : Aku kata takde takde lah!!

Hahahahahhaha Stalkerrrsss tersayang nih :P I don’t care what do you guys gonna think or say about me. Aku nak ckap, thanks for visiting je tau! From first post, aku rasa takde yang baca pun! At least korang cakap2 tuh, sejuk sikit hati aku. Hahahahaha aindren, nonidren, ayudren <3333333333

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