22 April 2011

No idea

Lately, I don't feel like blogging anymore because I feel like there's nothing interesting, not secretive and not sensitive to type about. No inspiration, bad english, bla bla bla, insert typical excuses here. Because I’m lazy I think? Oh yes just maybe or yes perhaps. If there is, I would probably forget about it when I'm actually planning to blog about it. Cause its like everyday I’ll login to this lovey dover bloggeyy but then I ended up, hm what I’m gonna write? Kay sign out back. Hahaha I hate it when that happens. If I were to type about my secrets and feelings, it won't be a secret anymore and I don't want anyone to feel sympathy. I just wanted to tell everybody how I feel. Expresses with writing :)

So today, I’m not going to school. As for you to know, This week was filled with unsatisfaction and anger. My classmate was fed up with the homework already. Ofosss so do i. 10homeworks left. My mission – Settle in 2days. Goooooo gooo!

P/s : One second thought, i hate pens. Cikgu, boleh saya tulis pakai pencil tak?

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