22 April 2011



I read all my older posts! 2009, I had written that when i was young * Eh muda ke? :P

I was mortified when I read them again. But i'd be absolutely more mortified if anyone read them! Guysss guyss ghosttt gheesss, pls don't ever click my older post too much kay? Hahaha! I laughed myself to tears when i read. What a bad words, statements, colorful imagination I had :P

Please don't blame me. I wrote that when i was fourteen. The powers of the mind are always test me! Tooo manyy idea crossing my mind everyday. Everything that happened on that day, i didn't forget to write and told everyone about my storiieess

I’ve written so many in a day. Without even read, Check the spellings, grammar, past present test back. LOL Hahahaha ayat berterabur siottt :D

But through my laughed time, there's a smile on my face. It actually how i miss those time when i wrote my stories. Wait, *cryyyy :')))

Oh wait, I'm speechless

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