25 July 2010

My examinations are just around the corner

The moment has come for me to pass this exam on my first attempt

Only 22days to go. Time is running so fast. 1 day just like a minute. My trial examination is coming ! I’m so anxious and worry about that. The subject that I worry the most is Mathematics. I failed math since the beginning of the test and until the last month, I’m afraid that I might failed for this trial. I’m target, I’ll get C for this trial. So it’s going to be a disaster to me if I don’t score ‘C’ this time and same goes to science. Mhm

I need to be prepare start from now. Mentally and emotionally as well. My final is very soon. 2 more months to come. But before that, I need to facing with the trial first which I scare the most. I heard from my senior that trial is more harder than the real examination. So DEPRESS. Almost all of my friends, have been target for their upcoming examination.

‘ Oh aku nak 8 A’

‘ Aku nak sekurang-kurangnya 4 A’

Dan kau aini?

Sorry friends. Don’t ask me again. I don’t have my own target for the examination and I have my own reason. I’m so afraid to do that. No matter what, I will try to do my best, and hope I will score something good.

So now, I really need someone who is kind enough to help me score in mathematic ^^

Is there any?

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