25 June 2016

I hardly write anymore,

I love writing so much that i suddenly become bored with it 😂
My previous posts are all memorable to me. I often re-read what i've posted on this messy blog long time ago. There were many loves & breakups stories as well as articles during school time that i kind of miss right now. Those were also the time that my articles were only for the sake of improving my writing skills 😇 I didn't do it in a nice way but hey, i am now able to write in english. Gramatical errors are all fine to me. Even those who speaks english couldn't speak with a clear grammar. Okay cancel about that example. Even we malays didn't speak using a great vocabs! There were many words that doesn't even exist in Kamus Dewan Bahasa 😅 Yet we're able to continuously communicate with people.

I'm having one month semester break right now. Thanks Allah, my dearest IIC finally grant final year student like me to extend 2 weeks sem break to one month! So that the students are able to enjoy their quality time during this holy month ie Ramadhan. As usual, my sem break was boring of course. I didn't do anything. Plus now, my dearest laptop was in a clinic getting the screen repaired. My fault. Why would you let this fragile thing to fall on the floor 😅

Okie enough mumbling. This is rareeee, how did i managed to get two articles posted today. This would be the last article until when wallahualam 😂 Raya is only one week ahead so i would like to wish everyone who suddenly come across this messy blog, selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin! I don't thing i ever write any bad things that might hurt your feelings here but is there any, i would like to seek for an apology for any wrongdoings towards you intentionally or unintentionally.

Safe journey xx


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