25 June 2016

Growing up & raised by a very simple parents,


I've been taught by them not to ask for anything as a reward. To tell the truth, during my primary time whenever i got A's i did ask my father for a reward although he didn't promise me for anything 😅 After several negotiations, i got RM10 for every A's! Worth the effort miahaha 🙃

But now, as time goes by i don't do it anymore. I don't know how & why it stopped. I starting to realize that my effort are not something that i can exchange with something especially money. My efforts are my self-reward for every hardwork i've done. Wallahi, that feels nice tho. Whenever my results turn out great, i couldn't contain my happiness as i would come running to my mother telling her i got dean (my mother doesn't know what is dean anyway) i would smile until my mouth feels like it was going to ripped! Tears running down my cheek 😇

I love you, dear self. Thank you for cooperating with me well. So that i can give happiness to myself not to forget my parents. Although they may not know what is dean, i would just tell them i got all A's for all of my subjects 🤔

I was told by my parents not to ask them to buy anything above rm100. Because of that, i also did it to myself tho. Eventhough i have extra money, but to buy a handbag or shoe which above rm100 was a waste for me. Not just above RM100, even those above RM50, i take those as a pricey things. Maybe because i was taught & have that little rule ever since i was a kid.

Well, my parents is not that rich to buy me anything i want. Not even once i have any branded bags or shoes or whatsoever ever since i was a kid. Expensive things i bought cost me less than rm50. My pocket money for school is not that much unlike some ppl. Not even once i'd get to travel to other cities. EVEN langkawi. I never ride an airplane. I don't have any experiences for these travelling thingy. Never once did i blame my parents for it.

Yet, i'm happy. As it taught me to be a very very simple person as i can. Taught me how to be down-to-earth person ever. For it also taught me to study hard & change eveything as fast as possible. This is more than just a blessing that Allah gave me to taste ☺️☺️☺️

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