29 November 2012


In case you're wondering, I'm doing fine right here, at this very moment, at this time. I can’t wait for 5 and 6 December. Lets welcoming “freedom” in my life. To those who have finished their payyyper, congrats! I mean, congrats you’ve finally break a wall in your life. Don’t check you answers *tips*, don’t regret for what you’ve done. Remember you have done your best and let Allah do the rest. I pray for the best result for me and of course, beloved 95’s mates.

I have a seven-day break before my last exams on the 6th of December, and that is like the longest break, so I can take one day off to do something not for my exams. Yes, blogging. This study break killing me cause I don’t have the guts do do anything. I mean, my efforts to study Is so bad y’know. I’m tired of being a lazy bum! Ya Allah. Your spm isn’t over yet you know?! You haven’t done your war yet you know?! You haven’t complete your stage 1 in your life yet you know?!  REALIZE THAAAAT! :(

I'm here, lying awake. Bye.

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