28 February 2011

Helloooo Milooo :D

Sorry for not having written forever ! It’s been awhile since I last blogged, so bare with me. Life has been pretty crazy with high school life and so on. Idk how to organize my busy high school life. LOL

Today was okayyy. I laughed quite a lot today because of Shah, Nonie’s crazyness and highness. My friends never fail to make me giggle and I had to control it until my tummy hurts. Haha nvm! I’m so can’t wait for this comin one week holiday! I can clear my mind and I don’t have to think of anything that has got to do with school. But before that, on 8th March ( Next week ) is my first term examination. Well, I’m worry about my 3 elective subject this year which is Sains Sukan, Ekonomi Asas and Perdagangan. Perdagangan is quite easy. Sains sukan is hmmm I don’t know how to say. Like seriously, I don’t understand about the liga liga thingy minghy. Tough :( To my schoolmate, All the best for next week. Give a silent prayer to God before answering the questions

So farewell, May i rest in Peace

(Rubbing Eyes)
Goodnight, everybody :)

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