13 December 2010

Dear December, pls be good to me :)

Only a few days to go before the date and it’s gonna be NEXT WEKKK !! Dear god, please make my December wishes come true. I feel so anxious all the time right now. Only god knows :/ Nevermind. No matter what happens, Strengthen your faith more than ever. Okay okay aini. Strengthen ur heart and soul start from now. Plssss :@

I just can't believe that it's been December now. Like seriously, i just can't believe this. Time flies very fast !! There's one and only my big thing this month. My exam's result. Still waiting for it. I do get real depressed at times right now. I really hope that things work out fine

For all of you who're waiting for result out there, wish you all the best. Don't give up coz i won't :) Pray hard and you'll get everything you ever wanted in the end. Insyaallah :)

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