23 June 2012

School will be over

25 days left before Ramadhan. After that, “Welcome to Syawal”. You love it? A month full of blessing. I’m going to face my trial examination after Raya. I’ll enjoy my raya as much as I can. Not going to say, no raya for this year. No no no. Raya is still raya what :/ Just on the first day laaa. Not to be over. I’m seventeen……….

‘Too close too comfort’

SPM is drawing near. We have only about five six weeks left to have our final preparation after trial *maybe*. Time is running out now. But I haven’t studied even a little bit for my exam yet. My mid-term examination is so frustrating. Not going to tell you about my grades. Just imagine, I have 2 failed subjects and 3 credits. Another subject… DOWN. TOUGH! It’s June already now. Very soon my life as a secondary school student will be over. I’m over thinking. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. No more school, no more examinations, no longer lug my heavyweight school bag to school, no more homework and all. NO MORE. But I’ll miss the fun I had in school. I’ll miss my friends. Sad to leave my 12 years of school. Carved many memories that i would never forget. I’ll miss it. For sure………

Right now, I seem to be losing my passion for studying. I don’t know why. I can’t stand sitting in class all day, I can’t stand sitting and studying at home all day or even a minutes. WHY?! I need to change this feeling very very fast. There’s only about 5 months left to fight for my studies. everyone is eagerly preparing for it.

Did you know there will be many other exams to come?
It’s definitely not the hardest. Let’s fight for our future

Tune in next time. Bye

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