10 May 2012

Miss me, anyone?

I know you all do. Haha I’m back now. Just for a short break. I have been struggling so hard for this mid term examination ok

So how are you doing dearest?  Well I hope you’re fine. Not too late to wish a very Good Luck for all of you who are taking mid term examination right now. I don’t care whoever you are and which school you come from. The exams have been ok. Yesterday I sat for Bahasa Melayu exam in the class. Are you gonna ask me how was it? Haha. I would say its good. No, I mean JUST okay. Paper 1 and 2 was not so bad, was not so good too. 350 words for essay, 200-250 for continuous writing. Upper secondary are always bad you know. I opened my Facebook yesterday. Scrolling down and found all the status by Form 4 students. ‘Penat doh. Dakwat habis, sakit tangan’. Haha that was sooo me when I was in Form 4. Normal la you olssss. The exam is not over yet you know. There’re still have one week and a half to go. It wasn’t easy at all. Go read book, stop online! Note this to yourself!

I better stop mumbling. English exam in the morning. I would say it was really hard. Especially paper 2. I spent about 30 minutes to read summary again again and again till I understand. No, I’m not understand actually but just pretending to understand the needs. I ended up with belasah jelah. Paper 1 was summary. ‘Unforgettable Experience in your life’. Whoaaa. And again I don’t understand the tittle. They want me to story about the experience I couldn’t forget or describe what is unforgettable experience in my life?

Huh. That is all for now. I’m a good dictionary today y’know. Tomorrow I’ll sit for Agama. Till then, bye

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