06 November 2010

Piercing effect

Ohh I’m so dead after watched this video just now. Yuckie ! That’s really worst. I got a lobe, helix and forward helix piercings. Used a gun. Thanks god my ears came out fine after piercing. To be honest, I’ve done a helix piercing more than 5times. It doesn’t really hurt much since I’ve done it so many times. When I was 12years old, I’m started to be addicted to piercing.

So one night, I told to my sister that I want a helix piercing and others part. We went to one place, and I’ve got my 5 lobes and 2 helix piercings. All seven at the same time. Can u believe it? Darn it I can’t believe. I was only 12years old, still young and I have 9 piercings ! Both ears was hurt at the night. My ears lobe and helix were swollen especially at the helix parts. REALLY REALLY HURT ! I felt like fever and I have no energy. That was the effect for me. It took a week for my piercing to heal but helix is really different. Even it’s been a year you have done it, but you’ll still feel hurt. (Just like mine now) It doesn’t take for a long time for helix’s hole to close up.

Once u try to remove your helix earrings, even just a minute it is possible for the hole to getting small. Mind it. I’ve made it many times but then I ended up with pergh menyesaaal gila. So my helix piercing now is nice. It’s been a year J It’s still hurt abit. I love this one ! After seeing this video, I was like Urgghhhh. Okay actually I’m looking forward to get more piercing. I love industrial piercing and and andddd wtv. But I don’t think I’ll make it. So guys, piercing with a gun isn’t good. Many effect that you can get and occur. I was just fortunate my ears came out fine :)

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