27 September 2010

Hello PMR

I haven’t been able to update my lovely bloggie. I’ve been busy with school stuff, exam and my badly lovely life. Alright to be honest, I’m super stressed up with school now. My mind Is blank all of sudden. Now, I’m having ‘ Gerak Gempur ‘ in my school. It’s like the last trial for students before the actual exam begin. Penilaian Menengah Rendah ! Today I’ve got around 20paper. All is test and I need to do it. But so unfortunate I haven’t do it yet. Geez :/ Now only 8more days to go. I haven't studied a single one of subjects yet. Pheww This isn’t a lazy case. Don’t think it pls ! I’m still tension about maths right now. I can’t even understand it. I hate numbers ! I literally spent the whole two periods of her class daydreaming. Same goes to Agama and History. Omaigodness. Right now I just wish that time would never have to pass. Mhm ;( No need to complain much. Nothing’s change. What can I do now is Hope and pray

Ya Allah. Ampunilah dosaku, dosa kedua ibu bapa ku, guru-guru ku dan seluruh umat islam. Sesungguhnya engkaulah yang maha pemurah. Permudahkan lah segalanya dan berkati kan lah aku Ya Allah. Sedarkan lah aku. Berikanlah aku keputusan yang sebaik-baiknya Ya Allah. Tentukanlah sebaik-baik kesudahan aku Ya Allah. Jauhi aku daripada kegagalan. Jauhi aku daripada kegagalan. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin


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