21 August 2010

When the love has turn into hate <--

This has happened to me. I don’t want to rake up this story but it make me crazayy all the time when I think of it. I’m confuse the hell out of you. That sucks. I hate liars so damn fucking much. Okay I know, everyone will feel it too. It is unresolved emotional baggage. Someone has cheat me with a false story ( no need to tell ). Everything I love was a lie and the bad outweighed the good. Just for your information, I don’t easily get fooled. I’m pretty sure, you’ll regret sooner or later. Sorry for haven’t tell this to you. I’ve no idea plus I don’t have any courage to tell. Like seriously, I do not know what is your reason of this. And actually, my mind has a million question on it. AH whatever. I can’t put my thought into words now until I’m fully ready. Hell man xx

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