16 August 2009

When my morning broken
My breakfast my research
My natural selection

My lovely darling
What’s up for today’s news?

Look there Polly
This noon,our Sandwalk stroll
Through the light and the dark side
See this plant in the greenhouse
Trees,how things going on?
Have you done enough of your own life?

I’m tired strolling, Polly my dog
I’m going home for lunch now
You take care of yourself

Lovely darling
Whas going on that political issues?
Shall I be here sitting?
In my big chair by the fireplace
and wrote letters to them?

My love, my darling
Let me rest for a while in my bedroom,on this sofa
Will you please read again that now
Let’s me listen to you again
My lovely darling

Now it’s time for my late evening stroll.
Or my research,or my drawing room
My miscellaneous stuff
Or just being idle
Am i? Are you there darling?

Sunset, a lovely sunset
I better get my nap upstairs again
With a novel read again by my darling
Again and again
How am I living supposed to live without you?

Oh,what a wonderful night life
What a lovely dinner
To have with notable love one
Later,let’s backgammon
Sure I kept score of
Every game
We two are playing darling

Now,Polly hear I’m
Reading this to you
Scientific text in the drawing
Room or study echos
But wait…Did you hear our darling…
Playing that drand pianofone?
So lovely,right Polly?

It’s 10.30 pm
It’s late now,I’m ready for bed
Can you call me darling?

Good night earth.good night trees
Good night to my darling Emma
Good night to all of you

And if I don’t wake up anymore
Take care my Polly’s kingdom,take care my Emma
Take care my Sandwalk Street of trees
Will you take care for me?

Kuala Lumpur/November 2003
My deadication to my Darwin @ his kingdom

11 November 1838-Charles Darwin proposed marriage,
To his cousin Emma Wedgwood

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