06 November 2013


I know i'm a bit late but Happy New Year 1435hijrah semua.

May this new year bring us happiness & May Allah shower us with all his blessings. InshaAllah
I'm still doing the same thing. Better if i dont make any plans for new year sebab i'll end up with doing the other thing which is not in plan. Blabla.

Anyway, i have 2 weeks left to decide mana nak pegi. I only have 2 choices sebab IIC dah tolak. Sebab nya? I received a mail from IIC yesterday. Ingat kan kalau buat online application & dapat call dari diorg saying dah dapat course yg aku nak, ingatkan terus lah dapat offer letter terus bagitau apa yg penting for the last intake on November. Rupa nya i need to go for an interview & the stupidest thing is i need to pay RM200 just for the PRE register nanti. Heck no, man!

So this 2 weeks left i really NEED to decide, ya Allah dalam masa yg lama ni i really can't decide mana nak pegi. Semua bagi opinion yg tak membantu langsung sebab diorg just bagitau advantages memasing. Kptm ni blabla & Politeknik blabla. Both have their own advantages, i know it! These few days, i really cant endure with people around me. Lecturers, friends & family keep asking me whats my decision & i get mad. You know, i'm so messed up! Imagine if you are in my shoes. You have to face all this thing alone dengan any other thing yg buat kau rasa semua annoying nak mampus, serious talk.

I had enough. Lets just wait & see aku pegi mana nanti okay?

Last friday i went to The Mines with a friend of mine. Lama tak jumpa sorang tu, sangat lah rindu. We had lunch & movie date together. We planned to watch Highland Tower tapi ended up with Baby Blues sebab kena consider awal kawan sorang mai lambat :( i'm disappointed i've watched it but thats okay, day well spent with them ;)

Talking about my final examination result,
I received my result on 1st November. I would say, Alhamdulillah even i couldn't reach my target. Itu ja Allah dah bagi, terima je janji my cgpa bukan under 2.5, Alhamdulillah again. Tapi itu lah.... malas nak cerita, kalau my classmates or collegeous 'come across' my blog (untuk yg copy link tu) in case you read this korang tau lah kan whats my problem hehe :p This's not the same shit i have to deal with macam zaman high school dulu, not anymore okay thats why lah macam termenung sikit, but ah nevermind. I've done my best dah. To the people yg condemn to, congrats to you. Doa, usaha & tawakal, i've done that but ini dah luck kau. Tak bemaksud you have to condemn others just because of their result is low than yours. Allah bagi kita result yg bagus, sebab kita kena share knowledge dengan orang & sometimes kita naik, sometimes kita turun. "The earth is round ok?" If you know what i mean.

Till then.
Goodnight x

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