31 May 2013


Oh and finally tomorrow is the day :):

I don’t even know how I feels right now. I couldn’t tell you guys if I was more sad then happy, more scared then excited. Today I woke up with, “this is the last time that I will be waking up in this bed to have a full day here in Selangor”. Yeah, because tomorrow night or this Sunday morning, I’ll be leaving for Alor Setar, Kedah.  For god sake guys, I’m going to miss everything here especially my family. My sister is going to get married in 2 weeks from now and I don’t know if i should go home or not. Now for the real reason that I’m writing this blog entry.. . I wanna say goodbye to all of you. Wish me goodluck for my studies. It’s funny how I told my mom before, I really wanna go far from here. Sebab nak rasa hidup kat perantauan macam mana and it’s like a big challenge for me. Right now, perasaan semua bercampur baur. Mixed feelings

I feel like today, I have too much to do in too little time. When in reality I don’t really have that much to do but because it’s my last day everything seems to feel like it will take me 10 hours and that I will never have time to finish it. Since today is my last day, I know when I arrive to Kedah, I will be crying instead of incredibly happy. Because this time I will be leaving a house that I know and love instead of going to a house that I don’t know and that I don’t feel comfortable in which is my “Hos-Hell” LOL it’s actually a house for me to stay for 1 year.

The fact that I only have one day here left! I honestly couldn't tell anyone how I exactly feel right now. But I’m glad, at least ada satu tujuan and matlamat. For the sake of my future, my self and my family. I may not have gotten straight A’S for my SPM, believe me bro itu baru sikit. I’ll not going to let myself down this time. Sorry but I did not tell you, i wont fail. In one point kita akan fail. Baby nak belajar merangkak pun jatuh dulu, so do us. Just have faith in ourself alright? Kalau belajar rajin, It will never be the same as it was

I will write more when I get home or when I have internet connection. I don’t know what’s going to happen yet. All I know, confirm homesick seminggu dua. Its normaaaal :D Miss ya’ll and love you. I wish you goodluck! See you soon <3 p="">

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